Shea's at Lansdowne Menu

Full menu served from 11:00 AM to close

NOTE: All Menu Items Available for Take Out.


Slow Smoked Wings $11
(when available)

10 Jumbo wings, rubbed in our special seasoning

Smoked BBQ Chips $10
(when available)

Smoked Pork, bacon, shredded cheese, melted on top of fresh kettle chips w/ homemade ranch

Stuffed Cherry Peppers $8

Stuffed with capicola, provolone, served with crostinis

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos $9

Fresh jalapeños, hand wrapped with bacon & stuffed with cheese

Ballpark Nachos $9

Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, house-made salsa, jalapeños, & sour cream (add chili $2, grilled chicken $3)

Greek Sampler $11

Hummus, tzatziki, kalamata olives, cucumbers, feta, tomatoes, olive oil & lemon w/ grilled flatbread (add extra flatbread $1)

Buffalo Chicken Dip $9

Homemade recipe, served with hand-cut tortilla chips & celery

Baked Brie $10

Imported Brie, served warm with crostinis & sliced granny smith apples

Mini Lobster Roll $14

Cold water lobster salad on a split top bun

Hot Spinach Queso $8

Homemade recipe served w/ fresh hand-cut tortilla chips

Buffalo Chicken Chips $10

Hot sauce, bacon, grilled chicken, shredded cheese, melted on fresh kettle chips, topped w/ blue cheese crumbles

Potato Skins $8

(5) not fried potato skins stuffed w/ bacon, cheese, served with homemade ranch

Tomato Bruschetta $8

House-made served on grilled crostinis, topped with basil.

Burrata Cheese $12

Outer shell is solid fresh mozzarella, inside is mozzarella creaminess served on top of a bed of tomato bruschetta w/ grilled crostinis, & fresh basil.

Smoked Fish Dip $10
(when available)

Smoked mahi & wahoo, served w/ crostinis, crackers, lemon, red onion, capers & fresh jalapeños(on the side)

Chicken Quesadilla $8

Fresh grilled chicken & shredded cheese, stuffing a flour tortilla served with sour cream, and pico de gallo

Chips and Salsa $5

Our house-made pico de gallo served with fresh hand-cut corn tortilla chips



$5 Mug / $6 Bowl

Ask about our soup of the day


Topped with Shredded Cheddar and Chopped Red Onion (Optional)

New England Clam Chowder

Served with Oyster Crackers

Soup & Sandwich Combo

Pick any 1/2 Sandwich and pair with Mug of Soup for price of the Sandwich

Soup & Salad Combo

Pick any 1/2 Salad and pair with Mug of Soup for price of the Salad



Chef's Salad  $13

Romaine, red onion, roasted red peppers, tomato, cucumbers, hard boiled egg, ham, turkey, bacon & cheese w/ your choice of dressing

Greek Salad  $13

Romaine, red onion, feta, kalamata olives, tomato, pepperoncini, croutons w/ greek dressing (add any deli meat, grilled chicken, or gyro meat $3)

Caprese Salad  $12

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, balsamic glaze, topped w/ fresh basil served w/ crostinis

Lobster Salad  $26

Cold water lobster salad on a bed of romaine, tomato, red onion, & cucumbers

The Wedge  $11

Iceberg lettuce, chunky blue cheese dressing, bacon & cherry tomatoes

Caesar Salad $10

Romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan, & caesar dressing (add anchovies $2, add grilled chicken $3)

North End Antipasta for 2 $16

Salami, ham, capicola, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, croutons, cucumbers, red onion, pepperoncini, kalamata olives & stuffed cherry pepper, on a bed of romaine



(Served with Kosher Pickle and Your Choice of Cape Cod Potato Chips, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw or Boston Baked Beans)

The Mass Pike  $12

Ham, turkey, roast beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo & spicy deli mustard on a sub roll (not pressed)

Chestnut Hill Avenue  $8

Grilled cheese (white American) on challah toast (add turkey or ham $3)

The Monstah $12

Hot pastrami, provolone, spicy deli mustard, mayo, red onions, lettuce & pickles on a sub roll (pressed)

Hanover Street  $12

Ham, salami, capicola, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion, roasted red peppers & sub dressing on a sub roll (not pressed)

Commonwealth Avenue  $12

Hot corned beef, swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing, on marble rye, sauerkraut optional. (pressed)

Charles Street  $12

Roast beef, white American cheese, lettuce, red onion, & Russian dressing on a sub roll (not pressed)

Yawkey Way  $12

Hot pastrami, swiss cheese, spicy deli mustard on marble rye, sauerkraut optional. (pressed)

Newbury Street $12

Tuna melt w/ tomato, red onion & swiss cheese on challah bread (pressed)

The Revolution $12

French Dip, roast beef, sautéed onion, melted provolone on a toasted sub roll & served w/ au jus

Pier 4 $26

Cold water lobster salad (8oz) on toasted New England style split top bun

The Pregame $12

Irish Breakfast: 2 eggs on multi-grain toast, thick cut bacon, Irish banger, baked beans & Roma tomato

Split Charge $3



(Served with a Kosher Pickle & your choice of Cape Cod chips, potato salad, cole slaw, Boston baked beans, shoestring fries add $2, side salad add $2)

Plymouth Rock  $12

Peppermill turkey, hickory smoked bacon, white American cheese, cranberry mayo, lettuce, tomato on multigrain (pressed)

El Tiante  $12

Capicola, ham, roast Cuban pork, pickles, Swiss cheese & yellow mustard on Cuban bread (pressed)

Ipswich Street  $12

Peppermill turkey, sliced granny smith apples, brie & raspberry mustard (pressed)

Red, White & Blue  $12

Roast beef, sautéed onions, roasted red peppers & blue cheese crumbles on flat bread (pressed)

Boylston Street  $12

Peppermill turkey, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions & goat cheese (pressed)

Harvard Avenue  $12

Roast beef, horseradish sauce, tomato, red onion & smoked Gouda (pressed)

Tremont Street  $12

Peppermill turkey, guacamole ranch, tomato, Swiss cheese on flatbread (pressed)

Storrow Drive  $12

Capicola, salami, Swiss cheese & roasted red peppers (pressed)

Beacon Street  $12

Tomato, fresh mozzarella & basil pesto (pressed)

The Big Papi  $12

Roasted Cuban pork, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, cilantro mayo & pepper-jack cheese (pressed)

The BLT $12

Apple-wood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & smoked Gouda cheese on challah bread (pressed)

Split Charge $3
Served on Pan Neba bread unless otherwise noted.


Create Your Own Sandwich  $12

(Served with a Kosher pickle & your choice of Cape Cod chips, potato salad, cole slaw, Boston baked beans, shoestring fries add $2, side salad add $2)

Additional Meat $2, Additional Cheese $1, Unlimited Toppings

  • Meat
  • Roast Beef
  • Corned Beef
  • Pastrami
  • Tavern Ham
  • Peppermill Turkey
  • Cuban Pork Roast
  • Cheese
  • American
  • Swiss
  • Provolone
  • Vermont Cheddar
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Pepper Jack
  • Fresh Bread
  • Pan Neba
  • Multigrain
  • Challah
  • Rye
  • Sub Roll
  • Flat Bread


Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, Guacamole Ranch Spread, Sub Dressing, Mayo, Spicy Deli Mustard, Honey Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Raspberry Mustard, Cranberry Mayo, Basil Pesto, Salt & Pepper



(Served with a Kosher pickle & your choice of Cape Cod chips, potato salad, cole slaw, Boston baked beans, shoestring fries add $2, side salad add $2)

1/4 LB All Beef Hot Dog  $8

Hebrew National dog, toppings: chili, cheese, red onion, sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard & relish

10oz Cheese Burger  $12

10oz before cooking, your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion. Make it a double burger (add $4)

Pesky's Pulled Pork Sandwich  $11

Slowed smoked pork & BBQ sauce served on a toasted hard roll

20oz Big Dig Burger  $16

(HUGE) two 10 oz patties before cooking, American cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion, 1000 island & bacon

Gyro / Greek Salad $12

Our delicious lamb gyro with a Greek salad

Lansdowne Chicken Sandwich $12

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, honey mustard, Swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato on a toasted hard roll

Cape Cod Fish Sandwich $13

Huge piece of fresh Haddock, beer battered to perfection w/ house-made tarter sauce, lettuce & tomato

Southie Shrimp Basket $13

Generous portion of hand-breaded fried shrimp, fries, cole slaw, served w/ cocktail sauce



Sausage & Peppers  $12

Sausage, onions, peppers, mozzarella cheese, & tomato sauce

BBQ Chicken $12

Grilled chicken, bacon, red onion, cheese, BBQ sauce, & drizzled with homemade ranch

Cheesy  $10

Pretty simple, mozzarella cheese , & tomato sauce, add pepperoni for $1, and/or add sausage for $1

Margarita $12

Fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella cheese, tomato bruschetta, & fresh basil


(Served with Cape Cod chips)

The Orange Line $7

Turkey or ham sandwich with white American cheese

The Red Line $6

Hot dog with ketchup & mustard

The Blue Line $6

Peanut Butter & Jelly

The Green Line $6

Grilled cheese w/ white American



  • Side Salad  $5
  • Cape Cod Chips  $3
  • Potato Salad $3
  • Cole Slaw $3
  • Boston Baked Beans  $3
  • Basket of Fries $5


  • Soda  $3
  • Juice Box  $2
  • Iced Tea  $3
  • Saratoga Sparking  $4
  • Hot Tea  $3
  • Coffee  $3
  • Lemonade  $3
Hamburgers are cooked MEDIUM, MEDIUM WELL OR WELL. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

Menu prices and items are subject to change.
Gratuity of 18% will be automatically added for parties of 8 or more.

Let us host your Private Party!

Holiday/Party Platters Available

Happy Hour Drink Menu

Served 11am-7pm Everyday

  • PBR & Narragansett Beer  $2.50
  • Domestic Drafts  $3.00
  • Yuengling Drafts  $3.00
  • House Wines  $4.50
  • Rose by-the-glass  $4.50
  • Seagrams 7  $6.00

Single Liquor & Mixer

Smirnoff Vodka, Captain Morgan White Rum, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Beefeater Gin, Seagram's 7 Whiskey, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Olmeca Altos Tequila, Jim Beam

  Cocktails   $7

  • Olmeca Altos Plata Margarita
  • Olmeca Altos Silver Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave & Lime

  • Shea's Cosmo
  • Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry

  • Sweedish Mule
  • Absolut, Absolut Lime, Absolut Grapefruit or Absolut Mango topped with Ginger Beer & Lime

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